Monday, 15 June 2015

Little Red Riding Hood

Once apon a time...I wanted to re-create a fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood sprang to mind as soon as i saw the amazing baby prop bed made for me by a dear friend. Made from silver birch with a very gothic almost erie feel to it, my mind started ticking, this is a fairy tale bed, something that would not have been a miss in a Disney film! So the story began!

Not short of gorgeous models for my project, with two wonderful grandchildren, Megan and Dominic, this clearly had to be one for little Megan :-) Sarah, my daughter in law, also known for her many gifted talents, Tangled crafts. Sarah kindly knitted me a lovely red riding hood cape and put together a great little outfit to wear. Next i needed a setting and a wolf, or at the very least a lovely husky dog to set the scene. A wolf was clearly out of the question and not knowing anyone who could lend me a friendly husky, I had to think about saucing wolf pictures elsewhere so that i could make up composite images using greenscreen. 

I've often been asked how i do my greenscreen composites, not usually by other photographers, but parents, they are often surprised at how much time and work goes into photography and in particular greenscreen, it is extremely time consuming from the moment a session is booked, until the finished product.

Below shows the individual images that are used to make up one of the complete pictures in this session.

Wolf credits to RAYNExstorm & Momotte2stocks

After doing some shots of Megan on her own, to make up the composite images with the wolf, we bought into the studio Fagin our lovely gentle Lakeland Terrier, who behaved beautifully for the camera, much to Megan's delight :-)

The original bed which was my inspiration to do a Little Red Riding Hood photoshoot.

So does anyone else have any fairy tale photoshoot ideas or inspiration?

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