Cannon & Ball

Really needs no introduction! Most of you will know Bobby & Tommy for the wonderful double act Cannon & Ball one of the best comedy double acts the world has ever seen! I was fortunate enough to work with both Bobby and Tommy in pantomime a few years ago, and have to say they were a pleasure to be around, with everyday full of laughter! They just don't make them like this wonderful pair anymore!
Bobby Ball

Bobby Ball has done many great things stage, TV and film, so many i wouldn't know where to start, although at the moment"Mount Pleasant" Sky 1, is not to be missed!

Bobby was kind enough to be give a copy of his book " My Life Revisited " It taut me to have faith, i couldn't put the book down! Very wise words from a wonderfully wise man! And Bobby's CD "I'm sticking with you" is lovely, and not a Christmas Day has gone by without it playing all day, and most other days! 

Darren Westwater

Where to start...My much loved son, extremely intelligent and technically minded. Darren was building computers from the age of 12 repairing all household electrics and designed my first website in his lunch hour! I couldn't believe it when it went live within 12 hours! He installs computer networking systems, designs computer programs... I only know part of what Darren does, all a little too clever for me, so have a look for yourself! Darren Westwater

Gareth Lloyd (Gareth Powell) 

Gareth lloyd has a flourishing career in the entertainment industry, working the cabaret circuit entertaining the crowds, with his great voice.
Gareth has recently produced his 1st CD"All Kinds of Everything"
I was lucky enough to work with Gareth on his portfolio and his CD cover design together with Gaz Pitt.

Smashed Comedy Duo

Comedy party duo, Smashed, ready to entertain you at holiday parks, weddings, corporate events, private functions, clubs & night clubs.

Check out Smashed Comedy Duo for their promotional video.

Gaz Pitt

I have been friends with Gaz Pitt for many years, Initially working along side him in theatre where his experience in technical stage had him working for many years in theatre's and festivals such as Reading Rock. Gaz more recently has transferred his technical abilites to computers, website design being one of many talents. I have been fortunate to work along side Gaz in many projects.