Family Session

It's not often i get the chance to photograph my own family together, but i did manage to capture a few today when my son popped in with my granddaughter and grandson.

It's so important to have images of your family as they grow, it only seems like yesterday they were babies and my son is now 35 years old!

Newborn Family Session

We had the pleasure of photographing the Honeybourne family. Cute little newborn Isabella, Darcy, Mum Charlotte and Dad Peter.I have known Mum Lottie since she was very young and a real cutie! Already seeing the model qualities in little Darcy just like her Mummy Lottie, who used to model for me as a teenager when i first started out in photography. I was so pleased when Lottie and Peter finally got together, now married with their beautiful daughters:-)

Milk Bath Session

Milk Bath Sessions are a great alternative to our Cake Smash Sessions for your little one's birthday portraits, indeed at any time from around 6 months, once your baby is sitting unaided. We start with portraits either in an outfit you have of your own or we have a selection of lovely dresses, rompers and dungarees for a more casual look, suitable for both girls and boys.  We also have a selection of headbands and floral crowns. 

New, Milk bath sessions now available, choose either a dark or light set with either a colourful set or keep it simple with subtle whites green foliage, or theme it with fruit, cereal, if you have your own idea's for the session please let us know. 

E-mail  for details of our "All inclusive" Introductory offer!

Pink Floral Set

1st Birthday Cake Smash & Milk Bath

We had the cutest, little girl in the studio for her 1st birthday "Cake Smash & Splash" session. I have been wanting to try a "Milk Bath" session for a long while now, but hadn't got around to trying it out. As i had some lovely fresh flowers, bought for me for my birthday by my son Shane, "thank you Shane" I thought why not! I suggested the idea to lovely Mum, Carolyn, who was happy to do something different,  glad we did, so pleased with the results :-) Little Cyprus was so good and her lovely big sister joined in for a couple of photo's too. Cyprus loved the bath..and the flowers!

So excited to have introduced the "Milk bath" to give another option along side your little one's "Cake Smash" session. 

If you are looking for something a little bit different than the classical cake smash & splash or birthday portrait session, the milk bath is a unique way to celebrate your little one's birthday. You can upgrade any…

Newborn Session (baby only)

I have the best job in the world, photographing such cute little newborns and when little dream babies like the very cute newborn 9 day old Shanayia comes into the studio and is so good, the possibilities for variety is so much better! I couldn't do it without my wonderful assistant Kelly who is there during all newborn sessions for safety, not leaving any baby for a second, but also Kelly is a bit of a baby whisperer :-)

Below, some of the images from Shanayia's gallery.