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Truth Lies Diana

Truth Lies Diana, showing at Londons  Charing Cross Theatre until 14th February 2015 I was honored to take the production photos for the new ground-breaking factual drama TRUTH, LIES, DIANA, written by the very talented writer, director and producer Jon Conway , containing sensational new information about the death of Princess Diana. I have to say after seeing the premiere night, i was really blown away! It really is so well written with a wonderful cast presenting all the evidence so clearly, it really is compelling and with a few laughs which i was not expecting, clearly highlighting the rubbish we are fed through the media and the many coincidences the establishment would have us believe! No truer has the meaning been of "do you think we were born yesterday" If you loved The Peoples Princess, then you really do need to see this play! The play has caused much controversy as you would expect, no one likes to believe that they have been lied to and when someone as lo