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Little Red Riding Hood

Once apon a time...I wanted to re-create a fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood sprang to mind as soon as i saw the amazing baby prop bed made for me by a dear friend. Made from silver birch with a very gothic almost erie feel to it, my mind started ticking, this is a fairy tale bed, something that would not have been a miss in a Disney film! So the story began! Not short of gorgeous models for my project, with two wonderful grandchildren, Megan and Dominic, this clearly had to be one for little Megan :-) Sarah, my daughter in law, also known for her many gifted talents,  Tangled crafts . Sarah kindly knitted me a lovely red riding hood cape and put together a great little outfit to wear. Next i needed a setting and a wolf, or at the very least a lovely husky dog to set the scene. A wolf was clearly out of the question and not knowing anyone who could lend me a friendly husky, I had to think about saucing wolf pictures elsewhere so that i could make up composite images using greenscree